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Tips for Organizing the Perfect Vanity Table

A cluttered and messy vanity table can be a real problem because the last thing you need when you’re in a hurry and you want to do your hair or make-up is to lose time searching through the pile of beauty products and styling tools. To avoid this problem altogether, you must keep the vanity table organized, making it easy for you to find what you need fast. If you want to get some helpful tips on how to organize the perfect vanity table, continue to read this article.
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Free up the vanity table

A cluttered vanity table won’t give you enough room to do your hair or make-up in peace. To avoid being bothered by an eventual mess, make sure that you free up the vanity table, leaving only 2-3 items on it. For example, you can place your favorite perfume and a photo of your loved ones on the table. Just make sure that you don’t exceed this limit of items on it. Otherwise, you will go back to the root of the problem, cluttering the table unnecessarily.

Place the hair styling tools in upper drawers

While you may not apply foundation and lipstick daily, it’s obvious that you do your hair daily. To make it easy for you to find your hair styling tools in the morning or whenever you get ready to go out, place these tools in the upper drawers of the vanity table. This way you will have easy access to them, and you will always know their location. To organize better, place your hair brushes and the hair dryer in the upper drawer on either side of the table. In the drawer underneath it, place the flat iron, the curling rod, and the other hair styling tools. After all, you don’t straighten your hair daily, so it’s not mandatory for the flat iron to sit in the first drawer with the hair brushes.

Place the makeup brushes in a cup on the vanity table

As we said before, it’s important to free up the vanity table, but you can still put 2-3 things on it. We recommend that you place all of your make-up brushes in a cup that you put on the vanity table. This way, you will save a lot of precious time when you do your makeup by having them in your reach.

Group your beauty products by their use

A perfectly organized vanity table requires you to organize your beauty products properly. Therefore, make sure that you group all of your beauty products by their use, and place them in different drawers. For example, put the eye liners and the eye make-up in one drawer, the foundation and the moisturizer in another drawer, the lipsticks and the lip liners in a different drawer, and so on. This grouping will make a world of difference when you do your makeup, helping you finish faster by finding all the items that you need already paired together.

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