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Tips for Designing a Laundry Room in the Attic

If you feel like your attic is being wasted because you are not using it in a useful way, consider turning it into a laundry room. This way, you will have within reach everything you need for laundry day and you will capitalize every room in your house. Designing the laundry room in the attic must include some details and we will help you with creating the perfect room by offering you some design tips.
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Insulate very well

Your attic must be insulated very well because it will include appliances that need to be kept away from moisture or excessive heat. You will want to feel comfortable while washing or ironing the clothes and for this, you will have to insulate the attic so it will not lose heat or cool air and it will not have humidity issues.

Keep the space airy

The new laundry room must be ventilated to allow fresh air to circulate. Moreover, you will dry your clothes in here so you will want an airy space that will not promote the development of mold. Therefore, ensure the proper air ventilation and resort to any device that might come in handy like a fan or a dehumidifier.

Provide safe access

Attics usually have narrow stairs that take to them and this will be one of the things you will have to pay attention to. If your attic has some shaky and small stairs you wouldn’t want to climb while holding a laundry basket, replace them with larger and more stable ones that will ensure a safe access to the laundry room.
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Waterproof the floor

Accidents happen all the time and you might notice that a water pipe is leaking or that the washing machine drips water on the floor, which is why it’s best that you waterproof the floor if you want to avoid major damage. Considering there will be plenty of water running through the pipes in the attic laundry room, securing the floor against water is a wise thing to do.

Opt for a washer/dryer combo

You will need a washing machine and a clothes dryer in your new laundry room and the best option is a combo with matching appliances that can be placed side by side or one on top of the other. Make sure your units are leveled on the floor and that they don’t shake too much once they’re in place or they will create a lot of noise.
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Make the laundry room functional

The final detail you will have to take into account is the functionality of your new laundry room, which has to do with how comfortably you can handle your laundry tasks. Build shelves that will keep everything in place and don’t forget about the laundry baskets. To keep the place functional, replace the iron with a clothes steamer that requires less space, is easier to handle, and does a better job at removing wrinkles from your clothes.

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