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Modern Appliances for Your Kitchen

A great chef knows the importance of having quality appliances to work with. If you want to make your time spent in the kitchen more pleasurable and to ensure that you have a complete kitchen, read the following lines. Here you will find out which are the modern kitchen appliances that you must have in your kitchen.
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GE Profile PVM9179DFWW over-the-range microwave

An appliance that mustn’t miss from any modern kitchen is the microwave. If you peruse the reviews and tests of, you will discover that the GE Profile PVM9179DFWW over-the-range microwave is highly recommended by the experts. You have to spend $550 to buy it. This microwave comes with convection cooking capabilities, which means that you can bake, roast, and broil your food with it. It provides 10 adjustable power levels that you can choose from. According to the¬†, this microwave is also very easy to use, having an user friendly interface and intuitive controls. The vent filters air at 300 cubic feet per minute. It has an interior capacity of 1.7 cubic feet. In addition, it comes with 2 cooking racks that basically triple your cooking space.
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Melitta 46894 10-cup coffee maker

For only $55, you can add the Melitta 46894 10-cup coffee maker to your modern kitchen. With this coffee maker, you can brew delicious coffee that will give you the needed energy to confront the day to come. Due to the fact that this coffee maker is programmable, it offers you the possibility to wake up to freshly brewed coffee. For this, you simply have to set the built-in clock to make the machine start brewing at a particular time. It offers 3 choices for coffee strength, which are bold, robust, and regular. As it says in the name, you can prepare a maximum of 10 cups of coffee at a time with it. Also, it features a water-level indicator that allows you to see how much water is inside and if you need to add more.
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Cuisinart CBK-100 bread maker

In the modern world that we live in, time is of the essence. Instead of wasting time to bake bread all by yourself, or waste money on store bought bread, let the Cuisinart CBK-100 bread maker do it for you. To buy it, you have to spend $85. It offers 12 pre-programmed menu options, including 3 crust settings. It comes with a 13-hour time delay option that allows you to come home from work and find fresh bread. In addition, this bread maker features a viewing window that gives you the possibility to check the progress of the bread.

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