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How to Control the Temperature and Humidity in Your Home

When it comes to your indoor living environment, the humidity and temperature are important factors that determine how healthy and comfortable your home is. This is why it’s so urgent that you find the best solutions to control the temperature and humidity in you home and our article will help you find the best ones.
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Ways to control indoor humidity

The indoor air often suffers changes in humidity due to many factors like changes in temperature, creating steam at home, cooking, drying clothes or using a heating system that takes out air moisture. These changes of humidity influence your living so you must always have control over the humidity at home by using two devices that either add or remove air moisture.

  • The dehumidifier

    If the air humidity level gets too high, you might notice the development of mold, especially in rooms that are prone to excess humidity like the basement or the bathroom. The dehumidifier is the best help you can get in reducing the air humidity level because it can absorb the excess water vapors in the air and retain them so the air will feel dryer. However, keep in mind that a dehumidifier must have a suitable capacity for the size of the room where you will be using it. For a very large room, or a very humid basement, go for the best Frigidaire 70 pint dehumidifier. Frigidaire dehumidifiers are very efficient and the 70 pint model is capable to operate in colder climates, which makes it great even for basements and crawl spaces. The best Frigidaire 70 pint dehumidifier even has a continuous operation function, meaning that it you connect it to a drain with the help of a hose, you won’t have to worry about emptying the water reservoir when it is full.

  • The humidifier

    On the other hand, the air could get extremely dry in case you are using a heater that takes away the moisture from the air. The best solution for this is to use a humidifier to add water vapors to the air so you will achieve the proper air humidity. Humidifiers spread hot or warm water vapors into the air and help restore indoor air humidity in a safe and controlled way.

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Ways to control indoor temperature

When the seasons change, you must find ways to either lower or increase the temperature at home so you will feel comfortable. There are many air cooling and heating devices that can adjust the air temperature but only a few are really efficient and convenient, as you will see.

  • The infrared heater

    For cold winter days, your best heating option is the infrared heater because it uses little energy to operate and it emits warmth that is absorbed by the bodies and objects and not the air so there will be no warmth lost in drafts of air.

  • The tower fan

    You can cool the air at home using the tower fan that is very energy efficient and spreads a cool air flow throughout the room so you will feel more comfortable during the summer. Tower fans include features like oscillation or programmable timers that maximizes their performance.

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