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Home Design Secrets from Expert Interior Decorators

Creating the interior design of your home can be one of the most exciting aspects of building your house. However, selecting your favorite wallpaper, furnishings and paint may become a big challenge for you. You can personalize your new house by using some home design secrets from expert interior decorators which can help you achieve the look you desire.

The color scheme

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The color scheme is very important when you are trying to design your home. Moreover, a good color scheme has three colors such as the base color, the contrast color, and the accent color. Usually, the base color is neutral and sets the tone, the contrast color is a dark color which should create depth within a space and the accent color should become the eye-catcher of your room. When you choose the color scheme, don’t forget to consider the value. A mix of values within your color scheme will help you avoid a chaotic style. Some designers recommended to choose one bright color, one dark color, and one light color, but this choice depends on your personal preference. Moreover, you should choose the colors according to your comfort level.

The furniture

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Firstly, you should do a little reconnaissance work around your home before you spend some money. You may find nice pieces of furniture which can be restored to create an amazing home design. If you are thinking about restoring some old furnishings you should pay attention to the scratches, dents, and color. Moreover, you must focus on structure, shape and how it will fit into your room. Make sure your pieces of furniture will match with the chosen color.

The lighting accessory

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Nowadays, you don’t need to know many aspects of decorative and functional lighting. You can just mix three kinds of illumination such as task lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting to achieve decorative lighting. Actually, decorative lighting gives you a feeling of serenity and playfulness. You should think about creating a romantic atmosphere by placing some chandeliers and pendants. For example, if you place a chandelier over a table, it will draw attention with its soft upward-cast light and it will become a focal point. On the other hand, if you want to create a special place to read, watch TV or do your hobbies, you should opt for some table lamps. Lighting should vary its intensity to accommodate multiple activities that occur in a single room. That’s why for your kitchen you should try to install some spot lights with high light intensity for the area where you cook.

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