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Clever Basement Renovation Ideas

People renovate their basement for many reasons, they may have a growing family, they may need an extra space, or they may just want to create a place where they can relax. Therefore, the first thing you have to do for a proper renovation is to develop a plan that will help you better organize your thoughts. There are many clever ideas and some of them will be presented in the article below.

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Think about what do you want to do with the basement. Do you want it to be just a storeroom or more? If you want it to be more than that, then you should consider what choices do you have and see if the space and the position of the basement allow you to put in practice your desire. The basement could be a children’s playroom, an office, a home theater and so on. Whatever you may want it to be, start your renovation knowing the exact purpose of the basement.

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The ceiling needs an extra attention when coming to renovation as many basements have a ceiling where all the electrical wires, the plumbing pipes and the heating ducts may be seen. In case you want to cover them, you have to make sure that you have some access panels that allow you  to make the necessary reparations if required. A great solution are the suspended ceilings that are both functional and attractive and they are available in different styles and colors.

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Since the basement usually dosen’t receive natural light, you don’t have to forget about lightning. In case you are lucky enough and your basement receives light from the sun, don’t cover the windows with curtains or drapes. Maximize the amount of natural light as much as possible, so that your basement fills with gentle, bright light. If you don’t have the possibility to receive any natural light, you have to carefully consider the overall lighting. It’s very important to have enough lightning for any activity you want to develop and you may even think about the possibility of adjusting the lighting levels. A great idea is to pair the lighting with lamps placed on the floor or table.

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Flooring is another aspect to consider when you start renovating your basement. It needs to follow the function of the basement so you can provide a stable and comfortable support. If you want the basement to be a living space it would be better to have a hardwood flooring and a carpet that will make the room more attractive and comfortable. Also, remember that the basements tend to accumulate moisture, so you’d better install a sub-flooring or something else that is resistant to water. The best thing you can do in order to control the moisture and the bad smell of the basement is to place there a basement dehumidifier. The device was particularly designed for this area of the house, and it has a large capacity that allows it to cover great surfaces. Moreover, it can provide features like automatic defrost and restart, humidistat or low-temperature conditions.

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