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Best Flowers for a Shady Garden

Designing a shady garden shouldn’t be very difficult for you. If you are a creative person, you can turn your simple garden into a relaxing place, where you can entertain your family and guests.
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Create a sense of mystery in the garden by adding a gurgling pond, comfortable seating, and colorful woodland plants. This way you will form a wonderful and shady retreat. For your inspiration, we have gathered several of the best flowers for a shady garden.

The perennials

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You should know that perennials are the backbone of every flower garden. It’s not very difficult to grow these flowers, but you must know that perennials tend to overrun the garden and require constant cutting back and digging up. Do some research and consult a countless book or a catalog which will help you find the perfect practical perennial garden plants. It’ s important to determine you climate zone and weather conditions to plant the right perennials for your garden. Planting these flowers can be fun and easy because perennials have nice colors and create a joyful atmosphere in your backyard.

The Amethyst flower

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The Amethyst flower is the best option if you love the blue-violet flowers. These flowers grow as a warm weather annual flowers. Moreover, they perform well in consistently moist, humus and well-drained soils. Actually, this flower grows perfectly in all types of hanging baskets, containers or cascading down a wall. You should plant the Amethyst flower in large groups, borders, and woodland gardens. Furthermore, you can create an amazing relaxing place by placing a garden archway with these violet flowers in your yard. You can even place a sofa or a bench under the archway.

The white flowers

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Nowadays, plenty of people choose to design a specific theme into their garden. That’s why many of them choose just a color to have a mysterious space into their gardens. If you want to create a white garden design into your yard which will inspire you with elegance and purity, then you should try some white flowers such as Lily, Begonia, Alyssum, and Astilbe. All these plants will fit perfectly in your shady garden. Moreover, if you start planting white flowers, make sure you will also choose the right trees and shrubs to overshadow your garden. On the other hand, you can plant some white rose trees if you want to create height in the garden. It’s recommended to plant this type of roses in small gardens, because they make for some amazing centerpieces, giving a highly decorative vibe to your garden. If you are thinking about planting rose trees in a large bed, a group of four or five roses planted together, will look impressive. This way they will become the focal point of your garden.

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